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Hits The App Store!

We are very proud to present our new BATAK Duel game,
for all iPad, iPhone and iPod touch gamers!

NEWS FLASH!  Click Here!

BATAK Duel will test your Reaction, Co-ordination and Dexterity skills to their absolute limits!

In the game you will challenge 10 deadly opponents that
you must beat if you hope to win fame, freedom
and fortune.

Check out the teaser trailer below!

Check out the gameplay footage below!

You can also Unlock Achievements in the game
and submit your fastest BATAK Duel score on a
Global Leaderboard!

Click here to read more about the BATAK Duel game
...and to buy it on the App Store!


A huge storm breaks out on the final level against the deadliest opponent of them all...GORN!










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Click here to download our brochure