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Prepare Yourself For The
Ultimate '2 Player' Challenge!

Based on our tubular steel Batak Pro machine this new equipment is ideal for Sports type venues and Interactive Exhibitions, where a modern dynamic look is required and where the players and audience can clearly see the scoring as play proceeds.

Senior, Junior or Infant players of any fitness level or ability may use the machine as special programs cater for this facility.

Both single and duel machines of this new design may be Plastic Coated in any colour and Software customised to produce any desired effect (as can all our equipment).

Batak Duel consists of two single machines back to back, separated by a transparent shatter proof polycarbonate screen to prevent player contact.

The routines are selected via three large illuminated buttons on the front console.

Audio sound effects are used to register hits and misses.

This equipment is totally dedicated to player safety, the electrical play interface operating on only 12V DC.

BATAK Duel has been specifically designed to operate Worldwide on all International mains voltages.

The concept of two competing players was originally seen at our Millennium Dome exhibit at Greenwich in the year 2000.

The players compete to achieve the highest score in 60 seconds, both sides being synchronised so that players are presented with the same target sequence.

Each player can view both their own score and their opponent's score. Either player can start a new game.

In situations where large numbers of people are queuing to play, the timing of the games can, for example, be shortened to 30 seconds.

To clarify, there are three ways of playing BATAK Duel:

  - Single Player on one side only

  - Players on both sides, playing separate games

  - Players on both sides, playing against each other

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