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BATAK at Bisham Abbey

The original BATAK can be seen here being played at the National Sports Centre, Bisham Abbey.

The word BATAK derives from the two words 'BAT' and 'ATTACK'. The first generation BATAK machines, as seen above, had 48 target lights and were played with a special foam tipped racquet. These early machines were used in National Sports Centres and at the Wimbledon U.K. tennis tournament, proving enormously popular.

Smaller versions were used in promotional work and Mercedes Benz used one of these in their Association of Tennis Professionals (A.T.P) worldwide tennis sponsorship tour.


BATAK was featured on the ITV hit series 'BODYHEAT' which set out to find the fittest young couple in the U.K.

At the end of each show the exhausted challengers faced the BATAK wall which was used to test their reaction times, stamina levels and hand eye co-ordination ability.

The series proved so popular that it ran for 3 years in succession.

BATAK has also appeared on numerous other television programmes throughout the world and is fast becoming recognised in the health and fitness industry.

In fact, there is now an official BATAK World Record of a staggering 99 target strikes in only 60 seconds!

That is the official World Record, however, one man has managed to 'unofficially' shatter it! Click here to see his amazing video!


Quotronics Limited, the creators of BATAK, have worked hard to evolve the original machine designs into more streamlined, lightweight and portable models.

This evolution has lead to the release of 3 new BATAK machines, BATAK Pro, BATAK Lite and BATAK Micro intended for the fitness and leisure industries.


Due to its enormous popularity, BATAK has now become a brand name in it's own right, standing for health, fitness, reaction training and of course...great entertainment!

The development of additional BATAK products was inevitable and lead to the creation of BATAK Sprint,
BATAK DuelBATAK Jockeys and even a BATAK Game for the iPhone and iPod Touch!


New hardware and software products are now being developed to support the growing demands of human performance trainers and fitness coaches.

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