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Porsche UK take on BATAK

Andy Blow is no stranger to the huge potential of the BATAK concept. This time around he's involved in a brand new company set to introduce BATAK to all his clients.

Here's his latest update...

"Having moved from Renault F1 HPC to Essentially Performance (a new company specialising in Human Performance Training with elite athletes in motorsport amongst other disciplines), I am working with Porsche UK to provide training in improving the conditioning of their driving instructors and customers. This includes Reaction, Co-ordination and Response Training on the BATAK to highlight the needs of spatial awareness, peripheral vision and motor reactions in driving with precise control.

The drivers get a chance to use the BATAK system in the 60 second and 5 minute accumulator modes to test all of these factors and their concentration levels over a short but intensive test.

We have also used the simple maths problems in the programme to highlight the differences in reaction when even simple cognitive tasks are required and are looking to make drivers more aware of all the mental and physical characteristics that can make them faster and safer behind the wheel."

Andy has previously worked on a BATAK Case Study,
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to read it.

Andy Blow

BSc (hons) Sport and Exercise Science. University of Bath. 
Ex Sports Scientist to Benetton and Renault Formula 1 teams

Now running the votwo lab with Phil Mosley Andy's expertise is available to athletes at all levels helping them to accurately measure their fitness and prepare more scientifically for competition.










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