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BATAK Pro is a piece of equipment specifically designed to improve reaction, hand eye co-ordination and stamina by enabling sportsmen and women to train under simulated 'sports like' conditions, whilst also providing an element of fun and competition that is so often lacking in training.


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BATAK Pro Configuration

Twelve visually bright LED cluster targets are numbered and arranged in a 'maximum stretch' type configuration and put under the control of a dedicated microcomputer. The targets may be lit up in either random or repetitive ways.

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Hits and misses are timed and scored on a central Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and verbal instructions are issued to the participating Player during the exercise as appropriate..(e.g. "Get Ready"..."Go"..."Level one"..."Time Out"...etc.)


An invisible Infra Red 'Strike Back Beam' is located at midriff level and is used to make a 'strike' at a Player during the Workout routine...(i.e. the player may be given one second to avoid the beam or 5 points will be deducted etc.)

BATAK Pro can also be used with two optional 'sprint mats'...Black and White...so the Trainer can set up player movement in the third dimension. Ideal for 'shuttle runs' under controlled conditions for example.

These two sprint mats may be positioned anywhere within, for example, a 10 metre radius of BATAK Pro for use in a large Gymnasium complex or Training Hall.

BATAK Pro programs cater for ALL levels of skill and is suitable for people of all ages, providing each user with their own 'personal best'. Achievable goals can be set in Club type situations.

Other Uses

Mathematical and Mind Games can be catered for.

Players who are Partly Paraplegic or disadvantaged in other ways may be catered for. Even Players who are blind or short sighted can use BATAK Pro... How? The machine can call out the numbers for each illuminated target...spatial awareness is often heightened in people with a loss of sight.

The possibilities are endless!

The Benefits

   - Dramatically improves reaction time

   - Enhances hand and eye co-ordination

   - Boosts stamina and fitness levels

   - Minimum space requirements for maximum       exercise potential

   - Single or multiple user participation

   - Variable speed accommodates users of all ages
      and sexes

   - No special kit required

   - Provides excellent facility for non-boring exercise       as well as competitive sport

   - Simple rules - easy to use

   - Bright LCD Display showing Program Description,       Time and Score

   - Can be wall mounted or free standing

   - Easily transportable to any venue

Who has used the BATAK concept?

Millennium Dome Manchester United
Benetton BBC Television
ITV (Carlton) Bath University
Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre Metropolitan Police Training College
Loughborough University Science of Sport Exhibition in London
The Lawn Tennis Association (Wimbledon)  The Royal Navy
Mercedes Benz Independent Television Carlton
British Association of Gymnastics Reebok
Euro 96 Football Sponsors Golden Wonder
Clarks Shoes Ind Coope

Technical Specifications

The Batak Pro frame is manufactured from strong tubular steel sections and finished in a plastic spray paint.

Batak Pro weighs approximately 45kg including its free standing feet.

The approximate overall space requirements (in millimetres) are:

a) Wall Mount - 1700(w) x 130(d) x 1950(h)
b) Free Standing - 2080(w) x 950(d) x 1950(h)

(Allow a playing space of 1 metre in front of the machine)

World Wide power supply 90-240 Volts A.C. or Direct 12V Vehicle Battery Input with a special Adaptor.

The play interface operates at 12 volt DC for total player safety.

12 Polycarbonate high impact resistant and high intensity LED cluster targets.

High contrast central 2 line x 20 Character Backlit Liquid Crystal (LCD) Display.

A totally dedicated microcomputer and digital sampled speech and sound effects guide the player through each session.

24 BATAK Pro routines are supplied as standard.

2 external Sprint Mats (supplied) cater for 3-Dimensional workouts.

2 LED Displays (3 digit) are ideal for team workouts and spectator viewing.

An invisible Infra Red Strike Back Beam (SBB) for Martial Arts and Avoidance Training workouts.


Is it possible to run BATAK Pro using battery power?

BATAK Pro can be run from a standard 12 volt vehicle battery for well over 24 hours with the available special adaptor.

Does BATAK Pro come with a manual?

Yes, there is a manual for the standard machine which explains everything you need to know.

Can the BATAK Pro firmware be upgraded?

Basically we provide a new drop in replacement chip which can be installed in less than 5 minutes.

What is the price?

Please contact us for a quotation based on your requirements.

Can I hire a BATAK Pro machine?

Yes, we offer a BATAK hiring service.

Please contact us for details of our current hiring charges.

Hiring is provided on a 'collect and return' basis.